iM3 Innovation

The logo for im3 innovation, featuring a sleek design with the letters "im3" in bold, modern typography

Here at iM3 we pride ourselves on continuing to build, create and innovate our products to suit veterinary clinics across the globe. With knowledge from over 30 year experience in the industry, many of the iM3 product are design by our staff, with the help of leading industry experts to ensure they are practical, ergonomic, durable and cutting-edge, while providing the very best results for both you and your patients.⁠

The iM3 Innovation logo in our catalogue highlights which products are designed by iM3 specifically for veterinarians, and are therefore exclusively sold through us. iM3 will always continue to innovate and advance the veterinary dentistry industry through quality products, equipment and service.⁠

A medical equipment stand with a veterinary dental device
Dental x-ray images taken from innovative x-ray units of im3
Winged elevators used for dental procedures
Evolution range of veterinary dental units, showcasing advancements in technology and design for animal dental care