Veterinary Positioning

Simple and efficient six x-ray approach using high-resolution, veterinary sized image plates.

The iM3 Positioning Kit allows anyone to take a full mouth overview with minimal training.

Take the guess work out of dental radiography with the iM3 Dental X-ray Positioning Kit.

Dental health is just as important for animals as it is for humans, and obtaining accurate dental radiographs is crucial for diagnosing and treating oral health problems in animals. However, taking dental X-rays in animals can be challenging due to their anatomy and behavior.


The iM3 Complete X-Ray Positioning Kit offers a solution to these challenges by providing pre-set guides that provide angle, distance, and position for precise dental imaging.

One of the biggest challenges in dental X-ray positioning is getting the angle right. The angle of the X-ray beam affects the shape and size of the shadow, which can lead to squashed or stretched images if not positioned correctly. The iM3 Complete X-Ray Positioning Kit offers pre-set angle guides of 30°, 45°, 55°, and 70° angle, which provides an alternate canine and incisor projection useful for some breeds. These guides help isolate detail for examination and ensure accurate imaging.


In addition to the pre-set angle guides, the iM3 Complete X-Ray Positioning Kit also provides positioning posters for dogs, cats, and rabbits, which have larger and easy-to-follow illustrations. These posters are helpful for new staff members or those unfamiliar with dental X-ray positioning.

As animals don't have an arch within the roof of their mouths, we have to use the bi-secting angle technique. This technique can be off putting and it is not easy to get the right angle for dental X-rays. The positioning kit was created to solve this problem and provides relative angle, distance, and position, making it easy to capture a full mouth series with minimal practice.

With the iM3 Complete X-Ray Positioning Kit, a full mouth overview of a large dog can be completed in only six scans using a size 5 CR image plate. This saves time and reduces stress on the animal, as fewer images are needed to obtain a complete overview of the mouth.


The iM3 Complete X-Ray Positioning Kit is designed for use with the iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 Vet Scanners, and the size 5 CR image plate allows for a full mouth overview in a large dog with only six images. This is only available for iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 Vet Scanners.


Full tutorial on x-ray positioning here!

The iM3 Dental X-ray Positioning Kit is an invaluable tool for veterinarians and nurses who want to obtain full mouth dental radiographs overviews in cats, dogs and rabbits.  By using this technique, veterinary practices can ensure that their animal patients receive the best possible dental care thanks to a complete oral assessment.